November 10, 2009

It has been a long time that this has not been updated..
I have grown up..I can use eyeshadow and blusher on my own..I like nice things and I like to wear trendy clothes…

I can read Doa makan..and mama always remind me..I like roti canai..created my own special drink..nescafe with cream..em..taste like..wonderful..

I have my own facebook now..

I want to be with my adik…………


Trip to Kedah

March 3, 2009

I woke up early that morning.Mama bathed me and dressed me up.I was so excited to follow papa to Sg Petani.Along and Ami followed this trip as well..I was so happy to be with theml .  We started the journey about 9 am .According to papa the journey would take about 6 hrs…Oh ..what a tiring journey..never mind normally I would sleep in the car..When I woke up we have already reached our destination.

True enough..once papa entered the highway I started to doze off..I woke-up when we stopped at Tapah.Argh..I was so happy to be able to run around..there was fish pond..koi fish swimming around.Papa just dragged me as we wanted to have our fast lunch.Papa had mee rebus,mama had soto ,Ami had nasi ayam and Along had nasi campur.Mama bought nugget and ayam goreng for me but  I did not have the mood to eat.I was still thinking of the koi fish in the pond.After we have finished our lunch mama bought some fruits ,then we continued our journey.

Again I got so sleepy that I felt asleep again.


November 29, 2008

I was so excited when mama told me that we will be going to a wedding event. I quickly took out my new dress that mama just bought a few weeks ago.It is lilac in colour.Once mama put me on the new dress I felt so beautiful just like a princess.

At the wedding most of the ladies there were so friendly and they really liked my dress and they told mama that I was like the bridesmaid..Wow! I was so happy to be in the new lilac dress.We went inside the hall and we met Uncle K and Aunty M.We sat together and mama took a fried chicken ,salad and fruit. I love the fried chicken especially the drumstick that mama knew that it was my favourite.

The bride and the groom were led into the hall escorted  by their family to the wedding dais with “salawat”.They were so.. beautiful in creme and chocolate malay wedding suits.

On the way back home from the wedding mama stopped at Dada’s place . I was not happy and worried just in case I’ll be left at Dada’s place. Luckily Dada’s understood that I wanted to follow mama and papa for holiday in Kedah but actually papa will be working.

At night I packed my things especially my swimming suit cos there’s a water theme park..I want to sleep early tonight..looking forward for tomorrow’s trip…


November 28, 2008

I was only six months when my mother passed away.That’s what mama told me.I can just say that mother passed away without any feelings but when I said those words the people around me will put their hand on my head and gently hug me.They look sad ,they look pity on me. Why?…I don’t understand….I know mother’s photograph whenever mama showed me. She was very beautiful.No wonder most people say that I’m beautiful  especially I have long eye lashes and very fair.I will grow up tall like a model cos I love to watch the program on Kimora Lee Simmons Life in the Fab Lane.I can walk like a model and I love sexy song when it was sung by Stacy in Akademi Fantasia.

Today I helped mama to pick up clothes from the dryer.Proudly I said to papa ,”I help mama..”.Mama just watched and proudly agreed to what I said and told papa..”See she’s so hardworking, very helpful just like her mother”.

I’m still wondering who is mother and who is mama. Now I have Ummi and Ummi has adik .What I know is all of them love me. They will always buy me nice clothings , nice shoes, slippers and story books.What Abang Pul mentioned  Mamais Mama Aunty.I don’t understand…..I called Mama with “Mama Aunty” whenever I came back from Abang Pul’s place.Mama keep on insisting just called her Mama..


November 27, 2008

Time flies very fast….now I could talk , I could understand mama , I can sing my own way, I can dance, I can draw…or whatever mama is doing I’ll follow her…but I still love my warm milk watching my favourite cartoon channel.

I love mama..I miss mama..whenever I’m at Dada’s place..I’ll catch cold, fever…I miss mama..Mama! papa! I want to be with you all .., with Whity..with Along..Angah..Ami.Don’t leave me when you go on vacation staying at the hotel..I love playing/ wading in the pool. I wanna follow mama!..

Mama – Lady of of Leisure

November 27, 2008

She stays at home, her daughter is far away in the boarding school ,her 2 sons are working and the youngest son is still schooling at the nearby school. She occupied her time with her super active niece who has stayed with her since she was six months old. Her niece Nilam was six months when her mother passed away at the age of 34 leaving  5 boys besides Nilam.

She has retired from her job, and now “A Lady of Leisure,” able to do, what ever she wants, or pleases. She can’t stay still  and she will do all sorts of things that she enjoy doing, cooking , entertaining friends, creating gifts, glass painting…She doesn’t have to hurry about time and can take all day on what she decides.

She call her friends and have long chat or spend the whole day shopping or just stay at home occupying her time on the pc/laptop .There is no hurry, time is on her side. She is “A Lady of Leisure,” Taking it easy. She will follow papa when he’s outstation or overseas…Time is on her side. She will schedule meeting with friends or business associates at her own time and pace.